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About Us

A.S.A.P. Publishing (Airtight Seels Allied Production) was launched in 1991. Jim and Mary Seels along with illustrator Phil Parks set out to create a small fine art press that specialized in producing visually remarkable limited editions. Jim works with the authors, printers, binders, dealers and our customers to keep new projects in the pipeline. Jim is also our one man shipping department, making sure that your books are packaged to prevent damage during shipping and that they are mailed out promptly. Mary, is the brains of the outfit, she does all the technical work. Without Mary, A.S.A.P. Publishing would last about 3 minutes.

Phil Parks is our only illustrator. I met Phil at a Dean Koontz signing at Book Carnival in Orange, California. Phil agreed to lend all his substantial talents to our projects. The first “A” in A.S.A.P., stands for Airtight, which is Phil’s company. I told Phil if you ever leave us the first “A” would be gone and I refuse to publish under S.A.P.