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Lawrence Block

Bibliography 1958–1993


Introduction: Wendy Hornsby
Appreciation: Charles Ardai
Afterword: Philip Friedman
Illustrator: Phil Parks

Book Details: (Sold Out)

Trade edition of 420 copies ($25)
Limited edition of 50 copies in acrylic slipcases ($45)
Contributors edition of 30 copies in triptych slipcases ($100)

All editions are signed by Lawrence Block, Charles Ardai, Philip Friedman, Wendy Hornsby and Phil Parks

Bibliography, essay and short story
One Thousand Dollars a Word
Illustrations: Front cover
Chapbook is 104 pages and is 8 ½” tall X 5 ½” wide
Published in 1993

Note: In the contributor’s edition each of the contributors wrote something uniquely special, no two are alike.

Trade edition

Front cover

Rear cover

Contributor’s edition

Charles Ardai

Philip Friedman

Wendy Hornsby

Phil Parks