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American Dreamers

T. Jefferson Parker


Introduction: C. J. Box
Afterword: Brian M. Wiprud
Illustrator: Phil Parks

Book Details: (Sold Out)

Limited edition of 150 copies ($45)
A.S.A.P. Collector’s edition of 26 copies in wood and acrylic slipcases ($100)
Contributor’s edition of 6 copies in clamshell cases

All editions are signed by T. Jefferson Parker, C. J. Box, Brian M. Wiprud and Phil Parks

Short story
Illustrations: Front cover 6 hand tipped color plates
Book is 32 pages and is 10 ¼” tall X 7 ¼” wide
Published in 2013

Note: In the author’s photograph, T. Jefferson Parker is on the left, and Captain Valente Lucero is on the right holding a roosterfish off Isla Cerralvo, Mexico. Each of the contributor’s editions contains one of the original interior illustrations. We always try to use the best materials available for binding, in this case with the contributor’s edition we dropped the ball. Our apologies.

Limited edition

A.S.A.P. Collector’s edition

Contributor’s edition