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The Last Time

Lucius Shepard


Introduction: James Blaylock
Essay: Tom Joyce
Illustrator: Phil Parks

Book Details: (Sold Out)

Limited edition of 150 copies in acrylic slipcases ($75)
A.S.A.P. Collector’s edition of 26 copies in clamshell cases and 10 p.c. copies ($300)

Short story and an American and English bibliography
Illustrations: front and rear cover and lithograph
Book is 82 pages and is 10 ¼” tall X 7 ¼” wide. Lithograph is 10” tall and 7” wide.
Published in 1993

Note: We tried something different for this book, the book is bound in dark red material with cream stamping, and the pages are printed in dark red on cream stock. Tom Joyce wrote an excellent essay on collecting Lucius Shepard’s books. The lithograph is signed by Lucius Shepard and Phil Parks and was included with all editions. Lucius Shepard hand wrote the beginning of a short story for the collector’s edition. Each of these stories is different.

Limited edition

Front cover


Rear cover

A.S.A.P. Collector’s Edition