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Subterranean Press Bibliography


Mary Seels, editor and designer


Tim Holt, William Schafer and Yanni Kuznia


Prologue: Lawrence Block
Interview: Kat Howard
Introduction: Alastair Reynolds
Afterword: Phil Parks
Illustrator: Phil Parks

Book Details: Sold by Subterranean Press

Limited edition of 200 copies

Illustrations: front cover
All Gallery books were photographed by Errol Higgins Photography, Tustin, California
Book is 247 pages and is 8 ¾” tall X 11 ¼” wide
Published in 2017

Note: In this small press owner’s opinion, Subterranean Press is the number one small press in business today. They specialize in horror, dark fiction, science fiction, fantasy and Lawrence Block. Without a doubt, Bill Schafer is the most generous person I have ever known!

Front cover

Rear cover