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The Mexican Pig Bandit

James Crumley


Introduction: Lise McClendon
Illustrator: Phil Parks

Book Details: (Sold Out)

Manuscript proof: 20 copies
Limited edition of 300 copies ($25)
A.S.A.P. Collector’s edition of 50 copies in clamshell cases ($125)
Custom edition: 12 copies in clamshell cases

All copies are signed by James Crumley, Lise McClendon and Phil Parks

Short story
Illustrations: Front cover and 1 hand-tipped interior black and white illustration
Book is 39 pages and is 9 ¼” tall X 7 ¼” wide.
Published in 1998

Note: For the first time we sent 12 copies of this book to a specialty binder (Marlyn Bonaventure Fine Binder), as you can see the results were amazing! For this book we created our first manuscript proof, no copies were sold, they were given away.

Limited edition

A.S.A.P. Collector’s edition

Manuscript proof

Custom edition