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Lyrics for the Blues

Gar Anthony Haywood


Introduction: Lawrence Block
Afterword: Jeffery Deaver
Illustrator: Phil Parks

Book Details: (Sold Out)

Trade edition
A.S.A.P. Collector’s edition of 17 copies in clamshell cases with one of the original illustrations

Trade edition is signed by Gar Anthony Haywood and Phil Parks.
The collector’s edition is signed by Gar Anthony Haywood, Lawrence Block, Jeffery Deaver and Phil Parks

Short stories and a novella
Illustrations: Front cover and 17 interior full page interior black and white illustrations
Book is 141 pages and is 9 ½” tall X 6 ¼” wide
Published in 2009

Note: 2 of the 4 short stories and the novella were written especially for this edition

Trade edition

A.S.A.P. Collector’s edition